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First Time Licence Activation – Sabre CRi

Congratulations on purchasing your new Hartridge machine.  The machine will be need registering before first use and this registration also activates your 12 month warranty.

Guide Applicable for the following machines:

  • Sabre CRi Master
  • Sabre CRi Expert

1. Refer to the quick start guide, located within the injector test enclosure, on how to correctly unpack, install and connect power to the machine.  Note: It is recommended that you read and become familiar with the operating manual included on the USB memory stick before operating the machine!

2. Once the power leads have been connected to the rear of the machine the control tablet (PC) will automatically start.  Note: if the control tablet fails to automatically start then simply press the button on the front of the machine.

3. Once Windows 10 has fully loaded the Magmah Touch software will automatically launch and immediately the following licence error will be displayed.  Click the tick button to continue.

4. After a short period, the licencing activation and status screen will appear.  To activate the machine for first use and to register your warranty you need to click the Activate button on the “CRs Magmah” licence, as shown below:

4. Review the Terms and Conditions of the licence activation and then to continue licencing press the “Accept” button.

5. Record the two user codes which are displayed on the licencing page.  These are defined as “User Code 1” and “User Code 2”.

5. Now open a web browser and type in the following web address:

6. If you already have an account then simply click Login from the top menu.  Otherwise, select Register to create a new account.

7.  Select the Magmah Touch Registration licence for the Sabre CRi Master/Expert machine by clicking this LINK

Click “Add to Cart” as shown below.

8. To make your purchase click ” View Cart “.

9. Check your licence selection to ensure the correct licence has been selected.  Once confirmed, click ” Proceed to Check Out”

10. Complete all mandatory fields in the Checkout page.

Note: its critical to ensure that the “Machine Serial Number” field is correctly defined as we will use this for your warranty registration.  Refer to the machine serial plate on the rear of the machine to view the machine serial number, i.e. Sabre CRi Master: A262-xxx, Sabre CRi Expert: A281-xxx

11. The last section of Checkout requires User Code 1 and User Code 2 from the machine licencing page to be entered (refer back to step 4 for information on where to locate these on the machine).  Type these codes into the Checkout licence section as shown below.

Once complete click ” Place Order ”

13. Activation codes will be generated on the ” Order Received ” page.  These activation codes need to be entered into the machine software to activate the licence as shown below.  A copy of the activation codes will be sent to your email along with your receipt / invoice.

Note: in some circumstances there may only be 1 activation code, this is perfectly normal.

14. Your machine is now ready for use and your warranty has been registered with Hartridge.