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Magmah Licence Software Upgrade

Following a review of our on-line licensing process using we are pleased to announce some usability improvements that we are implementing following some valuable customer feedback.

During a recent survey you told us that our licensing mechanism was too complex and we received complaints that as a result of entering user codes incorrectly into the shop it generated incorrect activation codes.  Once these activation codes are entered back into the machine they failed and as a result generated errors that meant you had to contact Customer Support.

We have now resolved this issue by including a checksum within the user codes that prevents incorrect codes being entered during the checkout process on the Hartridge shop. We have also been able to remove the requirement for user-code verification as a result so obtaining your licence is easier and faster than before.

Software Update

This improvement has been implemented into all versions of magmah on both annual and credit pack licences that are available on the Hartridge shop. To licence Magmah users must ensure they download the latest version of Magmah from the Hartridge software portal NOW!

Note that you will need to do this to continue to be able to use, otherwise you will not be able use the Hartridge shop and generate activation codes during checkout.

To install the latest version of Magmah simply download the package from the software portal and double click the install .exe package.  DO NOT uninstall any existing versions of Magmah from your machine as this will remove critical setup/calibration data that cannot be recovered.

 New Magmah Software Versions 

  • AVM2-PC: V41.05
  • CRi-PC: V12.46
  • CRp-PC: V3.04
  • IFT-200: V3.09
  • Sabre CRi Master/Expert: V4.13
  • Toledo HEUI Master: V2.02
  • Excalibur GDi Master: V1.41

How to get the latest magmah software update for your Hartridge machine

  1. Click HERE to go to the software portal
  2. Select ‘Downloads’ from the homepage menu
  3. Select your machine from the dropdown menu
  4. Select the appropriate installer file for the latest release